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1993 Four Winns 245 Vista with OMC 351 King Cobra set up

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  • 1993 Four Winns 245 Vista with OMC 351 King Cobra set up


    so I recently purchased a Four winns 245 vista with OMC King Cobra Drive and 351 OMC. I've had 3 boats now all mercs went to this because it was newer and I couldnt beat the price. The boat runs flawless motor is super quiet has 486 hrs on it, drive shifts smoothly and engages like a dream. The boat was originally in 1993 purchased at the marina I just bought it from and docked there its whole life so service gave me all the paper work and stuff done to it. It was checked and inspected every other year and always serviced with what needed to be done to it.

    My question is it sounded like a great deal till i bought it and read on the net about this omc king cobra ordeal it is the cone clutch system. Did I just totally screw my self. lol people say theres no parts for these but I find websites everywhere that sells parts great site is (boats dot net) they have all sorts of parts for OMC.

    last question is I read that best thing to do for these set-ups is to get them adjusted correctly they say that this system is very durable but needs to be constantly adjusted right. does anyone have a link on how to keep this drive adjusted???

    I uploaded a pic of the motor is this the motor everyone says is bad its a 351 and the Drive

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    Your question isn't about Four Winns; it's about OMC King Cobra drives. I suggest you post the question in the OMC Sterndrive section.
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      I just came across this post. I know it is outdated, but in the event anyone is searching for info on this generation engine, I had the clutch cone in my 1995 5.8L OMC in my 240 Horizon Replaced last summer. The dealer couldn't source parts but quoted the part at $385. I found them on ebay without a problem at about $40. I bought an extra just in case. The dealer didn't have any problem installing my parts, all was good.

      I know there may be some consternation buying an older boat with an OMC engine, but in 20 years of owning this boat I haven't had a single problem finding parts.