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Fuel Cap - 1994 Four Winns Sundowner 215

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  • Fuel Cap - 1994 Four Winns Sundowner 215

    I purchased a 1994 Four Winns Sundowner 215 last year. It had been sitting in a parking lot in Maryland for several years, so it's not in great shape. I've been able to successfully acquire all of the necessary parts/tools so far. And I feel like I'm heading towards the "finish line," as far as potentially putting it in the water.

    So now I'm looking for parts not associated directly with the engine, e.g., the plexiglass doors that go down into the cabin, placards, and a fuel filler cap. Four Winns dealers can only go back to 2002 for parts. Does anyone have suggestions as to where I might obtain these other types of parts?

    I'm particularly interested in the fuel filler cap. The foam gasket is completely deteriorated. I suppose I could "construct" a new gasket. But I was wondering if I could just purchase ANY fuel filler cap that will fit the existing opening and connect to a 1 1/2" hose? I'm guessing that would work but the attaching screws would probably be a different pattern. In which case I assume I could just drill new pilot holes in the fiberglass.

    As always, I appreciate your assistance!

    1994 Four Winns Sundowner 215 OMC 5.8L EFI Cuddy Cabin

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    Four Winns buys parts from one of the many NMMA supply warehouses. it could be Perko, it could be brand X

    if you are replacing the whole fuel fill, you can replace it with any 1.5" (petrol - as diesel is 2") fuel cap.

    iboats sells fuel fills


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      Thanks, Scott. I pulled the whole filler and don't see any markings, but I figured it could be replaced with another industry-standard part.

      I'm astounded (probby because I'm new to this whole thing) that the price of fuel fillers runs from $7.00 to $170.00!!
      1994 Four Winns Sundowner 215 OMC 5.8L EFI Cuddy Cabin