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2008 four winns 318 AC UNIT

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  • 2008 four winns 318 AC UNIT

    2008 four winns 318 AC unit stop working
    Hi there everyone. I have 2008 four wins 318 and my AC unit stop working only blowing warm air, and water outside is not com out. Please help me any suggestions thank you.

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    Hi there Jck2016 , Are you able to locate a model type number for/on your AC unit?

    Probably the first step to try if you haven't already would be to try inspecting the sea water strainer for the AC cooling water flow system for debris then I think (without checking your model yet) the AC water pump may have a rubber impeller that may be bad too in-turn not cooling your AC system....Also bear in mind that the generator on some of these models tend to have an rubber impeller too so while your into these system, try to locate the generator model info too.

    You should be able to search online the model numbers to find a parts diagram and probably an owners manual of sorts too such as the following Four Winns owners manual for a Vista 318 but it's for a 2006 but should all be the same.

    In the following link below there is an image diagram for your AC unit starting on page 119 while page 123 will be the best image to help you locate the parts you'll need to inspect even if it's not the actual problem.


    Below is a copy and paste of the AC system from the owners manual linked above.....Sorry for all the .'s in front of each word, that's just the way the wording turned out from the copy and paste.
    Air conditioner/heater provides either cooling or heating and is a standard feature. The unit operates on 120 volts (220 volts on 50 hertz on export models) AC power. The output of the air conditioner may be found on our website at www.fourwinns.com. Be sure the appropriate shore power cord is connected or the generator is running whenever the air conditioning is to be used.

    The.air.conditioning.breakers.must.be.turned.on.to . activate.the.air.conditioning.unit..These.breakers .are. at.the.dockside.power.inlet.panel.and.at.the.AC/DC. panel,.AC.Systems.2..Depending.upon.humidity,.the. air.conditioner.will.condense.5.to.15.gallons.of.w ater.. a.day.and.this.water.drains.into.the.sump.pump..
    The.air.conditioner.is.located.behind.the.companio nway.cabinet,.underneath.the.port.AC.cabinet..Air. conditioner.vents.are.located.throughout.the.cabin .. to.provide.good.air.circulation..There.is.a.vent.i n.the. head.for.additional.air.circulation.on.most.models ... The vents are adjustable to change air flow direction and.can.be.closed..See.Figures.L-6.-.L-13.and.the. locator.drawings.in.the.back.of.this.manual.
    The seawater inlet (seacock) valve is identified . with.a.plate.inscribed.with.the.words.“Air.Conditi oner. Seawater”. Access to the seacock is gained through an.access.lid.in.the.aft/mid.cabin.

    NOTICE In order to use the air conditioner, you must first open the seawater inlet valve - seacock (handle parallel to the flow of valve). When not using the air conditioner be sure to close the valve/seacock.

    Refer.to.the.Figure.L-6.for.the.location.of.the.air. conditioning.control.panel..Please.read.the.manufa cturer’s.information.on.the.air.conditioner.contai ned.in. the.owner’s.packet.for.operation.instructions.

    NOTICE Most air conditioners utilize surface water as the cooling medium. Prior to using the air conditioning, the boat must be in the water and the seacock to the air conditioning water intake must be in the open position. The air conditioning seacock for water intake is below the aft cabin access panel. Operating air conditioners without proper cooling water will cause damage to the air conditioning system.

    Air.conditioners.utilized.in.Four.Winns®.Vista®.mo dels. are.equipped.with.reverse.cycle.heat..Thus,.some. heat.effect.can.be.derived.from.the.unit..It.must. be. noted.that.the.amount.of.heat.that.can.be.obtained .. is.limited.by.the.temperature.of.the.raw.cooling.w ater. pumped.through.the.system..When.the.water.temperat ure.drops.to.40.degrees.Fahrenheit,.the.output.. is.about.50%.of.the.maximum..At.36.degrees.Fahrenh eit,.the.output.is.very.low..

    NOTICE During cold conditions, an alternate or supplemental heating system should be used.

    Clean.the.sea.water.strainer.often..Also,.clean.th e. return air filter screens, located behind the louvered doors.and.grills,.at.least.once.a.month.
    To.winterize,.refer.to.the.manufacturer’s.literatu re. included.in.the.owner’s.packet.
    You may want to go exploring the FW owners site to help you find things such as boat part numbers for an item you may need vs having to call a FW's dealer... http://www.fourwinns.com/us/owners ... http://parts.fwdealer.com/
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