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Live Bait Well Pump power and switch - 2004 Four Winns Freedom 180 F&S

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  • Live Bait Well Pump power and switch - 2004 Four Winns Freedom 180 F&S

    I bought an 2004 Four Winns Freedom 180 Fish and Ski and have some questions about the live well pump.

    The pump is there mounted forward and to the port side of the engine but the wires coming from it are just bundled up and not attached. Does anyone know where the power wires from the pump should be attached? Also, where should the switch be to turn it off and on? Neither the manual or any pics I have seen show this.

    Also, the tackle box that is supposed to go in across from the live bait well is missing. Any idea where I could buy one?


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    Sorry for all of the typos!


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      Try looking for a toggle switch mounted somewhere sort of out of the way including weird places such as the port side storage carpeted cubby area towards the rear... It's in an odd place, just can't recall where though. Also just in case, check the bilge pump switch at the dash. It may be set up to run both such as up for bilge pump and down for live well. But it should be an ACC switch as you'll read below form the owners manual.

      From someone else with a F.W Fish and Ski,
      It's interesting! I bought the boat from a friend who was the first owner of this 170 Four Winn. He had a toggle switch that did nothing according to him. When I bought it, I found the wires going to the live well pump and since it was under the plywood floor, you couldn't here it when is was running. I bought a new one because even thought the pump ran, no water poured into the well. There was no shut off just the pump sticking through the transom. I did the same thing, took out the old one and pushed the pump through the transom, sealed it up, and connected the hoses. Long story, but Four Winn never installed the sea cock either.
      I took a garden hose and forced water into the pump. It started working. I quickly switched to a tank of water and hose that would just fit the inlet. Water continued to fill the well. Once I stopped and tried it again, the motor turned on, but would not pump water anymore. This is why I was talking about priming the pump.
      I'll install a sea cock, because I don't like the thought of water pouring in should that pump break. I never thought about that.
      From the owners manual,
      J - 6 LIVEWELL
      An aft livewell is available on models with Fish & Ski package options. The livewell has a capacity of approximately 7 gallons and comes equipped with an aerator pump which is operated from a switch on the dash. The water is aerated as it is pumped into the tank. A hatch is included for access and the tailpiece regulates the water level. To drain, remove the tailpiece as shown in Figure J14.

      Page 192,
      Click image for larger version

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      Looks like the tackle box is still available through F.W. Just call a dealer using the part number or search the complete name and part number online under images for a selection of ideas.

      You have an I/O correct?
      Here is your parts catalog for the boat items, http://parts.fwdealer.com/Catalog/Ca...180F-AFS04-Z00
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        Hello Fun Times, Thanks very much for the excellent info. Its everything I needed that I could not seem to track down on my own. I really appreciate your help!