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new boater, knows nothing about boats

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  • new boater, knows nothing about boats

    Sooo...I'm new to the thread and to boats. My father in law gave me an eddtide riviera 180 xls. Has a brand new V6. But it needs some sort of bearing, so I was told. Its one that at the bottom of the pivot thing. Sorry I'm not up to speeb on boat terminology. What I need to know is, is there anyway or anywhere to find an exploded view of the upper and lower prop pieces? I need to learn what everything is and what its called. Also...is there anywhere to buy new interior pieces. Thank you in advance.
    1988 Ebbtide Riviera 180 XLS
    4.3 Mercruiser sn# c330882
    Transom assembly sn# 0C431932
    Drive Unit sn# 0C476322

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    Re: new boater, knows nothing about boats

    You need to figure out what kind and model of motor and outdrive you have, including the serial number on the engine and outdrive.

    Then Google that brand of motor. You should find a full set of microfiche's online by serial number.

    Many marine dealers have catalogs they can order interior pieces out of. If they're special Ebbtide items, they're still in business and parts would be available through their authorized dealerships. See Ebbtideboats.com

    Ebbtide Corporation
    2545 Jones Creek Road
    White Bluff, TN 37187

    (615) 797-3193