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H e l p need help bad

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  • H e l p need help bad

    HELLO ALL, I just got a 1990 181 ste Dyna-trak bass boat but am going to almost have too restore the whole boat and do not have a clue on what the boats interior looks like ,it's not gutted but not far from it if anyone who might have one be able to send me some detailed photos of on i mean all in the boat or know where i could get a book that would show me everything that would be great just got it today and been looking online most of the day and can't find crap about it thanks Jimmy or if you would prefer to call 804 647 1810 thanks again

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    Re: H e l p need help bad

    I just bought one myself and my boat is in great shape.. I can email you pics if you get back to me.. yahhchew@yahoo.com just put Dyna trak in title