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1992 Doral Boca Grande 350 Information

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  • 1992 Doral Boca Grande 350 Information

    Hello, I am about to make a purchase of a used Doral boat and looking for any advise or watch outs...any info is greatly appreciated! It is a 1992 Boca Grande 350 is decent condition. The engines have about 1000 hrs each and the boat looks structurally sound. This would be our first boat and look to use on Lake MI as a weekend cruiser with some fishing. I know Doral is out of business...this that big of a deal? thinking that the mechanical or electrical parts can be serviced, etc...may be a problem to get boat parts specific to this boat? Saw a posting where someone is looking for a cabinet latch.

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    Personally I would not hesitate buying a Doral as the hulls were well made. The few items that were custom made by them can be replicated and the rest as you know is by other manufactures and be sourced with a little homework or modified. fyi I do have a biased view and have had 4 of them.
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      I know the boat inside and out. I own a 91. new motors restored about 95 %. Let me know if i can help in any way.