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Looking for 2001 360 SE Owners Manual

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  • Looking for 2001 360 SE Owners Manual

    Would love to get my hands on an owners manual or a PDF of one.

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    What info are you looking for, this applies to your boat as well:
    Originally posted by southkogs View Post
    Generally speaking, manufacturer manuals for most boats aren't too complete / helpful. Generally, the manual for your drive system / motor are your better bet. OR, just asking questions on the forums here. Whatcha' trying to figure out?
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      I have all the other manuals, what I don't have that I really want are wiring diagrams and plumbing. I don't know how the Boost switch works and need to figure out what batteries are connected to the voltage meter on the panel (switch position for battery 1 and battery 2). The boat has 4 batteries, one for each engine and one for generator and a house. I think the panel meter is reading the charge for the two engine starting batteries. I know I can disconnect the batteries to figure this out, but pages from the manual would make this easy.

      Other things I am trying to figure out is where grey water goes? I think they all (galley, head, shower and cockpit sinks) all go to the sump pump box that is under the seat of the aft berth? And then the discharge line from the sump box goes overboard at the stern under the swim step?


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        You are correct about the gray water system. As far as the boost switch, mine was never wired from the factory. I added 2 marine starter solenoids that short all 4 batteries together. Works great. Did you ever find the documentation for wiring and plumbing? If not I have most of it and can scan it for you. It is different for various engine options.


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          I would love to get what ever documentation that you have! I am powered with 7.4 MPI with Velvet V Drives. I have the manuals for the engines and drives so really just looking for boat electrical systems and plumbing. My email address is im4mpatton2@mac.com again, really appreciate the help!


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            No problem. Give me a few days to get the pages scanned, and I will send them to you.