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Donzi Classic 18

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  • Donzi Classic 18

    Hi all, Have been looking, pricing a Classic 18 through Shipyard Marinr. They have quoted me $50.725, with trailer and options of trim tabs, winshild and stereo with SIRIUS radio. I think he might be a little high. Have found info through NADA and on this web sight reflecting base price arround $46k to $47K. NADA for new 2007 is around $33K. I know these are well made and top of the line at any seize DONZI. Does any body know of any other dealerd arround Chicago area or even out of state that gives good deals/pricing.
    I have owned a Sweet/Classic 16that I bought new in late 80's and that boat was arround $30K loaded with trailer. I wouldn't suspect that prices have increased that much, but you never know. Riv

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    Re: Donzi Classic 18

    I was checking the Donzi on another forum, the reviews were disheartening. Seems the company has changed management & that the quality control has much to be desired. Issues with the hull, gelcoat, etc.That forum was closed,I dont know why it was closed either. I appreciate info re: the quality of such a big purchase before we proceed.
    We are recently retired and my husband has a burning desire to get a fancy new boat, he seems to favor the Donzi 18 footer.
    I am reluctant to go along with him on this pricey idea, IF quality of product is questionable. Thus I am doing the research !!!
    Appreciate honest replies re: Donzi......Thanks