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Need information on2007 21SS trailer specs

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  • Need information on2007 21SS trailer specs

    I have a 2007 21SS and I need a trailer. Well I have a trailer but it does not fit right...

    Here is what I need to know can anyone tell me how many bunks are on there trailer how far apart they are and what angle the bunks are at? Also how high are they. This is a Heritage and they make trailers for Crownline. But it was for a Montery, I am going to fix this trailer to meet my needs. I tried to contact heritage trailers but they would not help me cause they want me to buy one of theirs. Understandable.

    I know the trailer I have will work I just need to get the right angles and height of the bunks.

    Please anyone that can help me or knows who I should contact please let me know ASAP I have to get this done by tomorrow.

    Thanks ahead of time...

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    Re: Need information on2007 21SS trailer specs

    Hey Sev,
    What you are trying to do is really pretty easy to solve, the problem is that what you are asking is impossible to answer though, a boats hull, especially a hull in modern boats has multiple angles as it goes from bow to stern, so to answer to your question I can only tell you what I would do. I would like a trailer for a 21SS to have four bunks and a tandem axle your boat is 3700 Lbs dry so a tandem is pretty much a certainty, if your trailer has these items then I think you are good.

    I am assuming your bunk brackets are welded, that is how Heritage does it MOST of the time, now your trailer was built for a Monterey the hulls should actually be pretty close, if as you say the angles of the bunks are the difference then I would get some of these, Adjustable Bolster Brackets And Swivel Bracket

    Now again assuming the angles are the difference, I would simply remove the angled portion of the bunk mount, not the portion that is welded to the trailer, but the steel that is 90 degrees to the vertical steel then welded to the trailer, drill a hole into the vertical mount and then attach the new galvanized "L" or swivel bracket, this should make the bunks pivot and the angle adjustable, do this for all of your mounts, attach the bunks and then tighten the pivot bolts to snug but not tight, load your boat on the trailer and the bunks should follow the hull, you may need to make some minor adjustments but once done tighten the pivot bolts and see how it tows, you may need to make some more adjustments to the trailer to get the weight to balance right, Crownlines are heavy boats(I call mine a fat bottomed girl) but Monterey is no skinny lady either, some adjustment to the bow winch may be in order.

    Tools, Sawzall with multiple metal blades, Drill and bits, replacement lags for the bunks(the old ones never seem to be reusable), Sockets and paint(repaint the holes you drilled and the cuts to prevent rusting), I have a 4 bunk trailer so I might just plan on having a new bunk or two ready to go in case I need to replace them. I could knock this out in a couple hours but I think a half day would be a good time frame, if you see that you need more height in a bunk the above parts include height adjustment but keep the vertical welded steel mount and attach to it instead of cutting it off and using the linked vertical clamp on mounts, what you have is very much stronger, if I needed more height I would simply pancake the vertical mounts together(I hope that makes sense). I would do this at the lake, drop the boat in the water and do the work on the trailer in the parking lot, then I can load and unload the boat as needed as many times as I need to in order to get the trailer right.

    Hope this helps

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