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Crownline CR Electric Engine Hatch

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  • Crownline CR Electric Engine Hatch

    2006 CR 250 with electric engine hatch. As I normally due, the batteries are removed for the winter. I use the battery posts near the battery switch to power the engine hatch motor after the batteries are removed.

    Today, the engine hatch motor is not running.

    It isn't the battery I've connected to the posts. Everything else, including anchor windlass has power.

    It isn't a breaker - I checked at the helm and in the aft cabin.

    So, if I assume the electric motor is dead, how do I get in the hatch? Hoping somebody might be able to share their experience.

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    I would think there would be a way, but when I was looking at same model boat I asked the dealer the same question, but what would happen if the battery died. He said you cant.

    Best bet would be to call Crownline.


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      To be clear, the battery dying is NOT the issue. The hatch was closed last winter with no battery installed. An external battery can be used.

      Something else is amiss here.


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        I understand that its not the battery, but the hatch motor. I was using that as an example of if the electric motor was not working, either if it us bad or if bad battery or wiring I was told you couldnt lift the hatch manually. Doesnt make sense why you couldn't, but they didnt know how.


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          So, here is the conclusion to this story.

          1. Removed a table base and dropped a light into the engine hatch.
          2. I can see that the ram is laying on the engine room floor. Hit the switch and can hear the motor turning - it is quiet, could not hear it without access to the hole where the table base was installed.

          So, my guy who has winterized the boat for me the last 4 years must have forgotten you could use the external battery posts and didn't bother to tell me that he disconnected the lift.

          You have no idea how furious I was. I didn't yank on the hatch yesterday, assuming it was all hooked up.

          Anyway, hatch lifted manually, ram reattached, all is good.