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SST Transom boat questions

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  • SST Transom boat questions

    I have on order a 2014 Sportfish 1850 SST which is redesigned for 2014 making the length 19ft 9in for the SST. Dry weight is 1750 lbs and have the Mercury 150 Non Supercharged 4 Stroke as the motor. Will have 3 batteries total (2 trolling, 1 engine). For those with the 1850 or 1950 how much HP are on your rigs and how does it preform for top end, waterskis? I know this one is 6 inch longer then the previous 1850. I do have a Stainless Prop in the deal where I swap till I am happy and will try 5,4 and standard 3 blades. Not looking for top speed but cruse and skiing ability. Mostly inland lakes in WI but will take it in Green bay/Lake MI every few years.

    Dealer didn't have any SST in stock and I hadn't even looked at them prior to seeing the new catalog and dealer isn't as familiar with them. Wondering if the older SST's had storage behind the back rest of the stern seat, or do you have access to get to the bilge pumps etc..

    I've heard the SST gives better performance. Anyone chime in either way on that claim? It wasn't from the dealer.

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    Re: SST Transom boat questions

    I have a 2160 Phantom SST that has a 130HP two stroke Evinrude. It pulls water skiers and takes them out of the water in a heartbeat. The top speed is around 43 mph and I am more than happy with the performance. Your rig should have more than enough power for you and the Crestliner is a great boat!
    1996 Crestliner 2160 Phantom, 1996 Evinrude 130 HP