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Crestliner Conversion

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  • Crestliner Conversion

    Greetings and Salutations!
    I've been lurking awhile and have learned a lot.
    Now for my first question.

    I've been looking for an open bow 18-20 foot Crestliner of 1980-1990 vintage.
    I've come across several closed bows and cuddy cabins in that range.
    The interiors were beat up but the boat and power seem serviceable.

    Is the closed bow or cabin structure part of the hull structure?
    In other words, can I remove these and create an open boat without compromising the strength of the boat?
    I don't want the hull collapsing on me!

    I currently fish saltwater bays in NJ (in a 16' Discover side console), and I'm looking for something to go on-shore.