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2004 Crest Caribbean Speed question

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  • 2004 Crest Caribbean Speed question

    I am asking for your advice to see if I have an issue or not. I have a 22 foot 2004 Crest Caribbean powered with a 2005 Mercury 115 HP ELPTO (2 stroke). The prop is a Mercury Vengeance 48-16986 16P. We keep the boat in the water year-round. The tubes are pretty clean as we cleaned them last week. I have been complaining about the speed of the boat since we purchased it new. We have run at 4200 RPMs most of the time unless we are trolling for crappie. At 4200 RPM, our speed is between 12 to 17 MPH depending on the cleanliness of the tubes. Mostly in the 13 to 14 MPH range with a medium load. This year, we have focused on keeping the tubes clean. Even after our dealer cleans the tubes, we cannot hit 20 MPH. We are also adding the Quicksilver Fuelcare to the fuel to each tank.

    Today with clean tubes, at 4200 RPMs the speed was about 15 MPG (GPS). With WOT, the RPMs were 4600 and my top speed was 16.5 mph. The top is folded and in its cover.
    Saturday, we ran about 10 to 12 miles at 4200 to 4400 RPMs and burned about 12.5 gallons of gas. The bimini top was down.

    In looking at http://pontoonguide.com/how-fast-pontoon-boat-speeds/, I think I should be in the 20 to 25 MPH range. Am I correct for this boat?

    I would appreciate any suggestions as how to improve speed. Thank you, in advance, for your input. I do appreciate it.

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    You need to check your max rpm for that motor. Believe 5200+- May need a different prop to gain some RPM @ WOT.

    Roll Tide!