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Many read, no replies.

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  • Many read, no replies.

    I can't help but notice that there are several posts just in this section with nearly 1000 views with NO replies. What is up with that? Not even a "gee I wish I could help you, try posting in----, good luck". I thought boaters were more friendly than that, guess not. Most other forums I visit have 1 reply per 10-100 views. Am I missing something? Is there a rule I didn't read?

    Oops, I should have posted this in a general forum, would move it but can't. Sorry.
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    Re: Many read, no replies.

    Hello from one who is in the Starcraft section Quite often...


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      Re: Many read, no replies.

      A lot of time it has a lot of views is because some of the 400,000 members are looking for answers in posts and don't or won't ask questions themselves. And sometimes posts with no replies are because it can't be answered or understood. Friendly or unfriendly boaters have nothing to do with it. And this is in all honesty, some members ask questions because they can't be bothered with looking for the answers, keep asking the same thing ad nauseum or ignore the advice given. After awhile they tend to be ignored. That's just human nature.
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        Re: Many read, no replies.

        Actually I feel sorry for some of the boater that post questions and don't get replies. So even if I don't know the answer (which is most of the time) I try to give them some one that cares about their problem as a reply anyway. I have posted a lot of unanswered questions like that myself. But ha...I read and learn as well. Some of the posters seriously are looking for both an answers AND someone to at least understand their dilemma... Boating questions, like so many other technical issues, are too broad and vast to know everything about them...
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