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Ident, used Citation mid-late 70's?

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  • Ident, used Citation mid-late 70's?


    I have, what may well be, a mid 70's Citation 120 4 cyl. I/O Mercruiser.
    Serial FSJFR266M815.
    The boat is a 19.5ft cuddy, and I would like to know a little more about it than the paperwork shows.
    I am not worried about the I/O, that's simple enough, but you'd figure there would be a model name other then "cuddy"
    The boat could possibly even be an early Eighties model. I am not familiar with this type of boat and can't for the life of me find a comparison picture to match up with.
    I am also not familiar with posting pics on the system or I would have posted one to help out. (I'm sure someone will give me the info as to how to do that shortly.)
    The boat has an original brown colored bottom with a white foredeck and gunwhale tops, has a small 6 or 8 inch window on either side forward of the three part center hinged windshield and a transparent hatch for the cuddy. (And so do a million other boats!)
    Its got 4 or 5 wooden 1 inch strips of grained wood, ended in chrome or stainless tips in front of the hatch, open ended rails at the bow and an interior, color matched to the hull. (70's colors, Brown and Orange.)
    that's about all I can tell you.
    Any one of you have any idea as approximate year and model name of this boat other than "Citation"? It was originally registered in NY, then imported to Canada, and shows nothing on any of the many forms and receipts that came with the boat other than the serial#, and the two owners names since new.
    Any help would be appreciated for sure.
    Thanks PH.

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    Re: Ident, used Citation mid-late 70's?


    I just found a registration card for 1981 that was stuck in with the forms I have
    I still think that there should be a model name or something.
    Do any of you maybe have a boat similar to this year and style?
    I would like to hear some feedback on handling, even positive or negative feedback will be appreciated, as I can't do any of that myself 'till next season.
    Thanks, PH.


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      Re: Ident, used Citation mid-late 70's?



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        Re: Ident, used Citation mid-late 70's?

        I'll try again for the pic URL's


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          Re: Ident, used Citation mid-late 70's?

          Ah, I love it when things go sorta ok.
          That was it folks the picture in the above post is the boat I was referring to.
          Now that all the related questions are answered, there is no need for the pic anymore.
          I am sure I will have more things coming up to bug y'all with
          See ya,