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New potential boat owner...88 Citation 1900cc

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  • New potential boat owner...88 Citation 1900cc

    Hello everyone! Need some help.

    I am looking at what appears to be a really nice boat but have a few concerns.

    1) The company is out of business. What happens if something breaks and needs to be replaced? Such as the cabin doors or ... I dunno. Custom parts that can only be gotten from a factory dealer I guess?

    2) It has a mercruiser i/o in it. 4 cyl from what the owner told me. Should I be concerned at all? Is it enough to power it? I've seen some of these with 6 cyl engines in them.

    3) Is it relatively painless to get new cushions for the cabin? The ones in there are in bad shape. They were using the cabin for fishing poles and the cushions are all torn up. I figured worse case I could have new ones made but it would cost me.

    Hull is in excellent condition with no scratches or dings. The exterior is in really good shape! May need a coat of wax though.

    What else should I be concerned with?

    Thanks in advance for any help!


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    Re: New potential boat owner...88 Citation 1900cc

    I know its been a while but are you still around? I have no problems getting stuff for my boat. The coshions you will most likely will have to have redone. shop around.
    1981 Citation Caribbean