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75 Chrysler 15 HP help finding parts

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  • 75 Chrysler 15 HP help finding parts

    I picked up this motor from a guy at work. It looks to me as though it is missing the distributor. I am not very familiar with outboard motors but feel mechanically inclined enough to fix it with some advice.

    I don't know if there is a single unit I need to purchase or if it is missing multiple parts. As is, there is no spark whatsoever. I looked around online and came across stators, flywheel, distributor but nothing made me feel secure in purchasing the part or parts until I got some help.

    I attached a photo to show what I am referring to.

    Model # is 155HA. 75 Chrysler 15 HP.

    Any help on what is missing and where to get the parts at a reasonable cost would be greatly appreciated.

    I am in everett, WA. Thanks
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