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Looking for some Caviler infor

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  • Looking for some Caviler infor

    Hey everyone,

    I'm trying to track down some info on a Caviler I'm looking at. My dad is a BIG Chris Craft guy and always talks about the 16' Caviler had had back in the day before he started with bigger cabin boats. Long story short, I'm in a position to pick up a 16' like he used to have and do it up for his 60th birthday this summer. The work isn't a problem and I know what I'm getting into, just trying to track down some more info on the boat to decide if I want to dive into it.

    The boat hasn't been in the water for several years, and the title was lost in the fire that killed a past owner a few years ago. The boat has been in barn storage and is actually in pretty good shape considering what it could be. The engine isn't the original, it's a 283 out of an Owens (close but not quite right), it cranks and coughs and wants to start... So a little bit of precautionary work before I get it runing and it should be ok to go.

    I have the number off the ID plate, but am having trouble decoding what it says. Anyone know where I can get a "key" for it or have any knowledge or insite you want to share?

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    Fiberglassics has some Cavalier brochures - http://www.fiberglassics.com/library/Chris_Craft

    You might try contacting Chris-Craft to see if they still have any info on the older models. Some of the long-time makers kept good records. You never know. Good luck.
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