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216 ssi or 226 sssi ?

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  • 216 ssi or 226 sssi ?

    On a previous post it was suggested I look at 216 SSi rather than what I had been considering............ does this mean there is no real benefit gained by going to 226 SSi ?

    Looking for good water handling ... especially when choppy, I'm assuming the hulls are about the same in this respect

    What engine is optimum for these hulls ? was thinking of 5.7 with Dualprop .... Most of my use will be speeds around 18-24mph when towing ... so not after all out maximum speed.However Chaparral don't offer Dualprop on 5.7L onlyon 5.0L
    So not sure if 5.0L Dualprop would be better option or the 5.7L single prop.

    Economy is important consideration, and although I have been told Dualprop is more efficient that single, also been told 5.7 is better than 5.0L

    The extras I can see me wanting are Convenience package - Analogue Gauges (guess I also need premium package to get pull up cleats)
    Snap in carpets and Swim Platform Logo mat. .... and of course the wakeboard tower.

    Sorry if these are basic Q's .... but I might as well try & build the optimum Chaparral if I going to get one new.
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