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Brand New Champion 183 for 22k

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  • Brand New Champion 183 for 22k

    Hey all, new to the forum and hoping you might be able to help me out. I'm looking to buy a new/used bass boat and have been watching the various sources for deals. I saw today that someone was selling a 2009 Champion 183 with a Yamaha 150 V-Max for 22k. I'm thinking about offering 19k and seeing if they'll go for it. I was only looking to spend 10-15k, but I may be able to be persuaded. The story is they won the boat and are trying to get some money out of it.

    Anyone have an opinion on the deal? I really had very little intention on buying brand new. It seems like you can get really good deals on slightly used boats, but this one seems to have some potential.


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    Re: Brand New Champion 183 for 22k

    I paid 24k for my 2006 188 w/HPDI 200 2 years ago. was a dealer repo so I basicly bought a new boat. Have had to put a little bit into it but as far as warranty goes I got full factory plus the extended that Yamaha was offering as a special at that time....Something to consider when looking at used ones..