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1992 celebrity status 180

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  • 1992 celebrity status 180

    Newer to the forums and I have only had experience with small aluminum fishing boats in the past. I am looking for a runabout boat and I have stumbled across a 1992 celebrity 180 for $6200. I am just curious on if this boat is over priced for what its worth.

    Has the 4.3 in it, The meter reads that theres only 320 run hours on the boat itself. What type of things should I be looking for besides knocking of the motor, damages to the hull/ flooring?

    The trailer looks to be in good shape, he says that hes done all the regular maint. on the boat. Any help is appreciated for a newbie.

    Thank you!

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    Big thing to check is the floor for soft spots and also the transom. If uncertain....get someone who knows boats to check it out for you.