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Redecking a Celebrity

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  • Redecking a Celebrity


    Any other experience out there tearing up a deck of an older Celebrity?
    Mine is an 89 224SE bowrider.
    Amazed in many ways of how this was built to begin with.
    Good ways, bad ways.
    Love the boat. 2nd owner purchased in the mid 90,s.
    Approaching 2000 hrs.
    After investing the time amd energy into the rebuild I expect to keep this a lot longer.
    Have owned multiple boats. This is by far the longest.

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    Re: Redecking a Celebrity

    Nice work!! Your boat looks awesome. I have an 89 199BR Celebrity. I know I will have to do the same to mine at some point. Thanks for posting all the pictures. These will certainly help. I noticed some differences in the bow section as my lockers are built out of wood instead of one fiberglass piece. The wood in the lockers is in pretty tough shape. Hope you enjoy your boat this summer.


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      Re: Redecking a Celebrity

      Well thanks there little brother. Is your hull the same square back type?
      Curious how long you have had it and how much you like it.
      I have had this guy sine 1994 and love it.
      The job I am almost finished with is worth it if you really like the boat.

      We have a few of the Old Classics in my opinion!
      Post a pic or two when you can and Happy Boatin to you as well.

      I just added a few more pics if interested.



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        Re: Redecking a Celebrity

        We bought our boat in August of '07. Use it mostly on Green Bay handles the bigger water really well. I agree with you that these were pretty classic boats in their day and, from your pictures if you take time to restore, they are still classics today. I was concerned about the job of refitting it however, after seeing your photos I am encouraged that it will go well.
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          Re: Redecking a Celebrity

          Your boat is beautiful!!
          I can see it has been well cared for. The color combo you have is my all time favorite Celebrity ever offered.
          There are a lot of Celebritys around here on the chain in Northern IL.
          I have had many boats over the years and plan to stay in this one.
          I picked it up as a repo with 200 hours .
          Now I am up to 1600 and still am happy.
          I spent a lot of time redoing things this winter. It is well worth it if you like what you have and plan to keep it.
          These are very well made. They did some things that I still cant figure out why but overall built a classic product.
          Happy Boating this year!http://picasaweb.google.com/pacerdud...elebrity224se#


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            Re: Redecking a Celebrity

            Great job Paul. I'm just in the process of redoing the interior of my '86 Celebrity 190 Bowrider. I cannot believe the amount of rot in the plywood deck! Thanks for the photos and info. It will serve as an excellent guide.