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Celebrity Dashboard ADE Problem

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  • Celebrity Dashboard ADE Problem

    We have a late 80's Celebrity Crown Line. Every once in a while the dash will go blank and will simply say ADE. Does anyone know what this means? I thought it was a wire ground but that's not it. When ADE is on, nothing else shows. I know there was an old post from 2006 and then one from 2010 but no one seemed to be able to provide an answer (just the problem). Had quite a few boat guys look at it and no one seems to know.

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    First things first celebrity owner, to iboat. Nice to have you aboard...

    Not knowing anything about your boat, I am assuming there is some type of a digital read out on the dash displaying the ADE. Could you post some pictures of what you are referring too and that will help us see what you are dealing with and get more and better ideas and suggestions... JMHO!
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