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16' t-bird tank removal

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  • 16' t-bird tank removal

    I'm in the process of removing my leaky aluminum tank and replacing it with poly. The old tank seems to be inside a huge steel pan with 6" walls. I can't find a drain for the pan and in fact this caused the corrosion to my AL tank. It held water for years and allowed electrolosis to corrode the tank.

    I'm thinking of drilling the pan before I set the new poly tank. Any thoughts on this? Does anyone know the purpose of this pan?

    Also as a note of interest: A friend told me that electrolysis was causing me to have water (lots) in my fuel. I couldn't fathom that as I believed I would have a fuel LEAK instead. The pan made it happen though. It fills with water and forces the heavier water through the pinholes in the bottom of the tank.

    I should post some pictures. I just don't know if this site is active.

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    Re: 16' t-bird tank removal

    Go ahead and post some pics. This is a very active site.