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Carver Air Horns

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  • Carver Air Horns

    I have a 1987 Carver 3807.

    The air horn does not work so I am trying to locate the position of the air compressor which probably has gone bad.

    Is there a standard location where Carver might locate the compressor as I can not locate it near the horns.

    Can anyone please let me know where the compressor is located or how to find it.

    Many thanks in advance


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    Re: Carver Air Horns

    Our "double trumpet" air horns did not work either so our maintenance guy said that they have to be replaced. I guess the entire unit. Maybe they're only electric no compressor?? Ours just connected with wiring. PS It sounds great too!
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      Re: Carver Air Horns

      Day late and a dollar short? My 3807 air horns compressor is located inside the storage area of the fly bridge on the starboard side of the compartment bulkhead. It is a tight fit to get in there and service the compressor, but doable. My compressor has an oil port and requires periodic (infrequent) lubrication. I replaced the system once, PITA, and the next time will just replace with electric horns, since the wiring to the compressor would serve as electric horn wires.


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        The air compressor on my 3396 is located externally in a compartment or bulge to which the dual horns are attached. Shortly after purchasing the boat, my horns stopped working. I opened the compressor head to find the vanes seized due to rust from lack of lubrication over the years. I cleaned and freed the vanes, lubricated and was good to go. These units must be lubricated to work properly. There is a small oil port in the top of the compressor head for that purpose. In my case it is accessible from the outside through a small tunnel closed by a s/s screw.