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1976 Carver Camper Maintainance Questions

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  • 1976 Carver Camper Maintainance Questions

    I've been tinkering around with my 1976 Carver Camper which I picked up a few months ago. After fixing numerous issues with the engine (the previous owner never winterized it and it froze and cracked the intake manifold...among other issues) it is now on the water and running admirably.

    I am in the process of restoring the boat back to 'newish' condition with various improvements as I see fit. So far I have replaced the seats, added a depth sounder, marine 2-way radio and a 30 watt solar power system with a charge controller.

    I am looking for the following items for the boat with no luck of finding them.

    1) Original owners manual for the boat (I would even take a .pdf scan of the manual)
    2) The kind and size of the toilet which came with the boat.
    3) Question: what is the toggle switch on the instrument panel that is labled "water pressure" for?
    4) Question: what is the fuse on the instrument panel labeled "REF" for?

    I'm sure the owner's manual would answer many of those questions...so any assistance in locating an owner's manual would be GREATLY appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Re: 1976 Carver Camper Maintainance Questions

    Check out this site for carver questions, mostly dedicated to mariner but lot of info. http://carvermitch.forumco.com


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      Re: 1976 Carver Camper Maintainance Questions

      Hi '76 Carver Camper,

      We just got an '82-83 Carver Monterey 26' (not sure why I have a between model year). I ordered a manual from a dealer that was linked to from carveryachts.com. It was $45 after shipping and wasn't actually the original manual but it did answer my questions which were the same as yours. It had schematics and explained the panels. Well worth $45.

      I'd love to hear some on your engine rebuild. We got ours with a cracked block and cracked outdrive because the previous owner didn't winterize. We're new to boating and also just got a 21' SeaRay for wakeboarding. That hasn't been in yet. We're working on the outdrive on that too.

      Also, I'm very interested in your solar power. Where can I shop for that?

      Congratulations on your Carver


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        The water pressure switch turns on your fresh water pump. It should be turned off when you leave the boat. The REF fuse is a dedicated fuse to your refridgerator.