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My 2001 188 - This might be a bumpy ride...

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  • My 2001 188 - This might be a bumpy ride...

    So I bought my first boat, a nice little 188 that is in fair condition. I looked at many boats prior to buying this Caravelle. The Caravelles seemed to be pretty well liked, and it is a rather simple boat. Yes, it does have the glued in carpets, but floors and wood all seem solid. Can't say the same for some other boats I had looked at. I was told it was a 2002, but title shows it as a 2001.

    So my first question is about the front seats. The captain's pedestal was basically busted off in the plastic at the top of the pedestal. Does anyone know what brand of pedestal Caravelle uses in their boats? I can not find a name on them anywhere. Would be nice to buy just the parts needed as I rather not replace the entire pedestal. The passenger seat is not in much better condition. Lots of play in it.

    The other item I'm looking for is the gas struts for the engine cover. They were missing on my boat. Anyone know the compressed and extended lengths?

    Oh yeah, I don't have an anchor, any suggestions? Will be used in lakes and the Sacramento Delta.

    Any help would be great!