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'90 Caravelle Classic

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  • '90 Caravelle Classic

    Hello, just checking in with my 1990, 1750 Caravelle Classic.
    This is my first boat, I purchased it from my brother-in- law, it was left out in the weather under a blue tarp for 3 years. :% He got new Rinker to play with. 8)
    Half of the floor and stringers were rotten, also had to replace all the seating wood, foam and vinyl, also 2 new bucket seats.
    The motor (3.0L Merc) checked out for the most part, had to have the starter rebuilt, and basic tune-up stuff.
    The out drive (Alpha One, #17 prop with hydro foil) just needed an impeller and fluid change, I did however remove it and grease the u-joints.
    Great little boat, jumps out of the hole, the only thing I had trouble with was a hard start condition, that turned out to be a bad ignition switch.
    We've had it out all most every weekend this summer... were having a blast!!8)

    Here's some of the restoration pictures.

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    Re: '90 Caravelle Classic

    i have a 1990 c1880, sounds be be in about the same shape.
    nice boats with alittle tlc.