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How many Caravelle owners are on here?

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  • How many Caravelle owners are on here?

    Just want to know how many and what do you have? I own an 2004 Caravelle 187
    2004 Caravelle 187

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    Not many I suppose. Just the 2 of us, I've got a 1995 1750 BR. Picked it up last year . One owner, never sat outside, babied and mint little gem. Only the 3.0 ltr. but purrs like a kitten. Nice to see there is someone else out there.


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      2007 218 LS Deckboat
      5.0 GXI-F
      SM-X 1.6


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        I have 1996 1750. Bought 4 years ago. I have replaced/upgrades quite a few things and ran into a little toruble here and there. It's been a great first boat and I've learned a lot. Overall it has been a great boat and is still in great shape.
        1996 Caravelle 1750 Volvo Penta 3.0 GS SX Cobra CT-1 1.97