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Campion 545i BR - Fasteners for Seat Cushions

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  • Campion 545i BR - Fasteners for Seat Cushions

    2009 Campion 545i BR - Found some loose hardware (stainless nuts, washers) while cleaning the boat. Then noticed that a seat cushion alongside the bow in the front of the boat is no longer anchored in place. You can pull the cushion in & out and see the bolt in behind. Challenge is I cannot see how I can get access to re-install washer and nut. Any ideas??

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    Well very first thing is welcome aboard we always welcome new boaters...

    Now on to your issue. We could offer much better help and ideas if we could see exactly what you're dealing with. So post your pictures here and then we can figure out access to your bolt, washer problems... You know exactly what you're see and dealing with, but we have no idea without some good pictures. So post away!

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      The cushion that is pulling loose is on the port side up near the bow. Is right adjacent to the docking light. Have looked on all sides to see if I can access from behind, but cannot seem to reach this location. Does not make sense, but it is almost as if the upholstery was installed before the deck shell and liner shell were fastened together. How else would they get a wrench on the nut? Unless I am missing something, the only solution I can think of is to find a stainless toggle nut that might fit thru the existing hole. Ideas anybody? Please help!

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        With no responses, went back for a closer look. With no other options for access, I looked to the nearby stereo speaker mounted into the sidewall. Out of curiosity, thought I would see if I could pop off the cover, remove the speaker, and check to see if I could reach this location from within. Yup... very clever!! Problem now solved!!