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Campion 682i

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  • Campion 682i

    Just purchased a 2006 Campion 682i. Very excited about getting this boat. Seems to be very good quality from everything I have researched. Will be using for both pleasure cruising and fishing. Anyone out there have experience with this Mfg and model? Anxious to hear from others.

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    Re: Campion 682i

    Hi Freebird,
    I hope you are enjoying your beautiful boat.
    Too bad it is coming into winter for you.
    I dont have a Campion 682i, however a friend of mine does have a 602i. It is
    a magnificent boat, he loves it, and the features that it comes with certainly
    makes it stand out over and above a lot of other big name boats.
    The dealer has installed free of charge some neat items (like transom shower)
    just for the priviledge of being able to use it in his showroom.
    My mate gets to have his boat in a nice clean environment and well looked after.
    So win win as far as he can see. The V8 350 surely does push it along, and
    he hammers it pretty hard most of the time. Of course its a bit heavy on the juice when he does that.
    The bunk area is versatile and they have slept overnght in it once, both him and his wife really enjoyed the comfort.
    So all in all, they are very very happy. And I hope you are as well.