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1983 Cajun

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  • 1983 Cajun

    I'm looking at a 1983 Cajun bass boat. The guy "says" the only thing that is wrong is that the steering cable is busted. Does anybody know how much (cost)this job would run me? Would be something I could do myself?

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    Re: 1983 Cajun

    Im not an expert on the price but My dad and i changed out the steering cable on my 1987 cajun in an afternoon. It had seized up on us. the most difficult part was running it down the side of the hull around the gas tank but relatively easy after that was taken care of


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      Re: 1983 Cajun

      the guy asked this question in the wrong place 2 years ago and hasn't been back....... welcome to iboats O H F but please don't dig up old dead threads.

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      But, where are the reevets?
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