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Just bought 1991 Cajun 1850 Esprit

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  • Just bought 1991 Cajun 1850 Esprit

    I have had several boats over the last 30+ years and have lucked on to a very nice F/S Cajun.

    Is there such a possibility that a manual is available for my boat? Would another model/year have the same specs. and info needed?
    Is the thin side bar on each side of the windshield leading back towards the rear of the boat necessary? I notice some photos of other models not having that piece. Seems to be a support but does get in the way and seems flimsy.

    I also seem to find the steeering a bit stiff. This boat has very little usage and was in storage for 14 years. I had the engine serviced completely and compression checked and the dealer said it is as close to new as he has ever seen. I lucked out.......love the boat ......just want to upgrade further. Glad I found this website and hope to hear from anyone with suggestions. Appreciate that a lot.

    Thanks and great boating. Neil