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Questions on the 130 and 150 Super Sport.

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  • Questions on the 130 and 150 Super Sport.

    Im looking into one of these, most likely the 13 sport. I think they look great and just want something small, that has some power that I can fish and wakeboard off of a little bit. And to cruise around the intercoastal.

    My questions are what to expect to pay for one of these new? 2011. And more importantly, how long is the 130 Super Sport WITH trailer. How long is the 150 Super Sport WITH a trailer? This is probably the determining factor of what boat I can fit into my garage.

    Any of you guys own one of these newer model super sports? How do you like them? Are they reliable? How are they for fishing, I heard they have a 7" draft so they can go nice and shallow. Any feature they dont have that other do, that could be what Im looking for, and are there any other models of different brands that are comparable?


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    Re: Questions on the 130 and 150 Super Sport.

    Hey I have a BW 150 sport 2005 and I love it. I fish on it out 15 miles for dolphin, wakeboard, cruise everything. It rides nicely too. My buddy has a new one and to be honest I dont like the super sport design its chunky and a lil heavier. Its less for fishing and more for wakeboarding and cruising. (even though they say you can ) you can on any boat but its how well you can do it.If you like to fish a lot then you should get bigger like 19ft. I wouldnt buy new wait for a good deal used, there hard to find but just keep looking. whalers hold value well and are one of the best in there class of small boats. DO NOT GET A CAROLINA SKIFF. they do not ride well. Id have to say get a montauk they have the same model type as the older ones but newer. in other words they didnt change the hull design. let me know if you want pics of mine.