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1992 Bonito 19CC

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  • 1992 Bonito 19CC

    I am in search of a catalog / brochure- Bonito Boats. Bonito was a builder in Orlando, FL, who went out of business in 1990. They made a line of runabouts and center-console fishing boats. It looks like their molds may have been taken by Cimmarron Boats out of Jackson, GA, who produced some of them for a while in the early 90's. The particular model I am interested in is the 1992 19'CC (I believe Bonito called it 19F). This is not a rolled-gunwale boat, but has a molded inner liner and a pieced textured floor with many bolted panels. Please respond with any information you may have. Many thanks!
    1992 Bonito 19cc

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    Please dont start multiple topics about the same subject.

    Duplicate deleted.

    FYI, not a lot of activity or foot traffic down here in the Bonito forum
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      there literally are thousands of boat manufacturers that have come and gone that were in florida. most of them never had websites or even data. I know of 4 manufacturers that make Whaler/Carolina Skiff knock-offs

      for a brochure, a google search is the best. however since Bonita died about the time the internet started, your only hope is to find someone who has a printed brochure from the time that can scan it. that may take a while
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        I am still hoping there's someone on the forum with the information I am requesting. Please read my original post and reply with any pertinent information you may have.
        As I said, I already know that BONITO went belly-up in 1990 and that the molds for the model I am interested in (19F) were taken over by Cimmarron Boats of Jackson, GA, where they were made through at least 1992.

        Google searches have yielded nothing of value.

        I'm not looking for general history lessons - just information about my boat, thanks.

        By the way, how does one delete a post? Moderator?



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