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87 sportsman 1900 ?????

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  • 87 sportsman 1900 ?????

    Recently bought a 1987 Bluefin Sportsman inboard/outboard.
    Did I buy an orphan boat?
    I don't find this boat listed anywhere. This website lists a 86 or 88 no 87.
    Can't find a OMC manual anywhere. Can find find aftermarket books.
    I just saw a 1900 fish & ski. Is this the sportsman model?


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    Re: 87 sportsman 1900 ?????

    Can you tell what is on the capacity sticker? Alot of times it will say "1900 Sportsman" or something similar where it list the model.

    There doesn't seem to be very much good, consistent information when it comes to these boats. Most of the documentation with Brunswick seemed to have been "mis-placed" when they bought-out the Blufin line.

    Regardles, post a few pictures of your boat and we will try to help you out in any way that we can.
    1988 Blue Fin Sportsman 1700
    1988 Force 85 hp
    Restoration Thread http://forums.iboats.com/showthread.php?t=383916


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      Re: 87 sportsman 1900 ?????

      I have this boat as well, and can't find much info. It needs to be rewired and I'm not sure where to start. Other than the electrical system, the boat is in great shape.


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        Re: 87 sportsman 1900 ?????

        I have a Sportsman 1900 that I am about to part out, It's got a OMC outdrive, and, I believe, a 2.3 liter Omc 4 cylinder engine thats blown. The floor is removed. I still have the seats, for now. They are in good enough shape for a fishing boat. Send me a pm if you need anything.