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1977 bertram sport fisherman restoration

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  • 1977 bertram sport fisherman restoration

    Hi all!!!
    well, I have been introduced to the bigger side of boats when my dad purchased a 1977, 28 foot bertram sport fisherman. It was used as a charter boat, and has had one owner for 33 years... It's been sitting for the last two, but it's mechanically sound. All of the wood's in good shape, except for a rutter support which we're fixing this winter.
    Their is a lot of odds and ends that we're working on...
    A: cleaning up oil in the bilge... The guy that ran this boat as a charter had holes drilled in the bottoms of his oil pans to let his oil drain, and after he passed away, the captain didn't tighten the hoses tight enough, and let oil get in their for two seasons.
    B. Having some electrical problems. Went to fire up the engines, (twin 351 ford clevelands,) and it keeps tripping the breaker. Engines run great though. need to replace a waterpump on one...
    C. Replace the carpet in the cutty cabin...
    D. fix busted up gauges and holes in the dashboard.
    E. get bilge pumps working, (they weren't even hooked up...)
    This is going to be a fun project, and it's going to be even more fun to take it on the water for the first time!!!

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    Re: 1977 bertram sport fisherman restoration

    Any updates or pix