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Bentley Pontoon Wiring question - Merc won't turn off with Key or Kill Switch

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  • Bentley Pontoon Wiring question - Merc won't turn off with Key or Kill Switch

    I have a 2005 Bentley 240 Pontoon with a Merc 115 HP engine Wiring Problem Engine will not Turn Off with Key or Kill Switch

    The Key Switch and Kill Switch (Shut off Lanyard) do not want to turn off the engine. I have pulled the console panel to check wires. The only way to shut engine off is to hold key in, puts a choke on engine or crimp the fuel line and starve engine. The Black wires inside console all seem to be connected to Ground. Kill Switch Black is shorting to Ground. The Black/Yellow wire from Kill Switch is shorted to ground with Key OFF. Connecting it with Voltmeter to any Red shows +12.3 V. Key in On position, Yl/Bl wire from Kill switch shows Voltage Overload. I disconnected the BL/YL from Kill switch and ohm'd out the Kill switch. It appears to be OK. Button OUT - shorted, Lanyard installed, Button IN, is Open. At this point, I'm looking for some good advice. Richard 716-830-5151 or rcadille@rochester.rr.com

    Sunday - with black/yellow kill wire disconnected from kill switch, Merc motor runs, but Key will not turn it off. Tried to short a Black Ground wire to Black/Yellow - motor continues to run, this should have killed the motor. Choked motor to a stop using Key.

    Solution Found: The Black/Yellow wire runs directly from the console to the Engine Switch control box. Putting Ground on the BL/YL disables the engine through the Switch control unit on the engine. Ran a new wire from Switch control to the Black/Yellow side of the Kill switch and everything works. End of season, find break in wire and repair/replace BL/YL.
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