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  • Speed

    I was looking to buy a 22ft beenington with a 115 Suzki engine but I'm concerncered about speed.

    1. What does any one thing of Suzki outboards?

    2. What spped will a 22ft go with a 115hp and how many people on board.

    3. How is the ride of the boat?

    I have always had a open bow and currently have a ski boat but need to change.

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    Re: Speed

    Hey there Iron 1

    I had an 07 2254 GL w/Yamaha F115.

    With 6 - 7 people, I would get around 21 - 22 MPH. Could tube 1 adult.

    Bennington makes one of the best riding boats afloat (IMHO).
    2008 Bennington 2275 RLi Anniversary
    2008 Yamaha F150
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      Re: Speed

      Hey Iron,

      Not sure if you're still looking into Bennington's, but I have a 22' Bennington with a 120 Yamaha 4 stroke. When I first got it, it would do about 27 mph or a little better. I keep it in the water, so there's quite a bit of lake-scum on the pontoons. This has slowed it down to about 18 mph.

      If you are going to trailer your boat or keep it on a lift, it should stay clean with minimum drag.
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