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Seeking Info On The 24' Sportfisher

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  • Seeking Info On The 24' Sportfisher

    I have a very early version of the 24' Sportfisher (1976). I have not seen one that is older, is it possible that this was the first year for Beachcraft?

    I know the original molds were Tollycraft and they were produced in the early 1970s.

    I am going to try to contact as many people as I can find that own these 24 footers and see if we can network for parts, performance, and history.

    If you have one or know someone who has one, or maybe worked for the factory or sold them, and are interested in helping me please email me with pictures and any info you'd be willing to share.


    Doug Griffith
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    Re: Seeking Info On The 24' Sportfisher

    I found an advertisement for the 1969 Tollycraft 24' Sportfisher Royal. I believe this is the exact same boat as my 1976 Beachcraft. Check out the ad.

    Also, I have a freind who is knowledgable about Glasplys. He says there is a 19' Beachcraft that is an exact duplicate to the 19' Glasply. Pictures don't lie.

    So, it seems that Beachcraft bought the molds from some very successful boat builders, and built clones. So far it seems there are connections to Sea Ray, Tollycraft, and Glasply.

    Could there be others?...
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