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Just bought a 1986 capri 1750!

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  • Just bought a 1986 capri 1750!

    While I know I have to replace the floor due to the many soft spots, that's not an issue as I've replaced boat floors before.

    My question is the boat is fitted with a 131A engine and i am stripping all the ancilliaries off it to refurbish or replace as required.

    I'm looking at the waterpump and would like to know if it can be removed without lifting the cylinder head? It looks like it is sealed to the head.

    Probably a stupid question from a mechanic who has rebuilt one of these 20+years ago but I can't remember.


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    Your best bet would be to post your motor question in the Volvo Penta section.
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      Congratulations on the new boat I just recently picked up a 1986 Capri not sure the exact model as of yet it has a force 125hp I've been trying to bring back to life so far I've got most things working again as this boat has been stored for at least 11 years and last week I put her in the water for the first time it ran great just need to fix the gas gauge and overheating alarm hope you have as good luck with yours as I have had so far


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