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TROLLING Motor on a Bayliner 2355?

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  • TROLLING Motor on a Bayliner 2355?

    Any ideas how to put a trolling motor on one of these? Are there trolling motors long enough to be "bow mount". I know there are 1000 buck electric motors to mount to the outdrive but are there any other ideas? Love trolling for stripers, looking for economical ideas before I dump 1k into an outdrive mounted dually....

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    You can basically install a TM on anything. The trick is to measure the distance from where you want to mount the TM on the hull to the water line. Then buy a TM with a long enough shaft to accommodate that distance with some extra to allow the TM foot section to be in the water. So then you merely run the wiring to your battery (a good deep cycle battery I may add) and happy fishing. JMHO
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