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Bayliber Capri.. repower?

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  • Bayliber Capri.. repower?

    So i got a bayliner capri over the weekend from a buddy. Was thinking of restoring it or hotrodding it.

    Working in fabrication i have access to mills and lathes and can fibreglass gelcoat etc. So i am not worried about the skill required or the time. This is just a project to keep me busy.

    This is a 1990 Bayliner Capri with the dreaded force 120 L-Drive.

    I am looking for another engine to replace the 120 Force as they are not reliable and hard to get parts for. I can make a new u-joint to match the splines to the L-Drive. Thats not a problem. I can also make engine adapters for mounting purposes.

    So that leaves me with which engine would be reliable for this and preferabbly no 2 strokes. I hate mix :-)

    I may fabricate something to replace the L-Drive to use the orignal hole and mount a stern drive under neath, looks like it could be done just needs the correct housing and adapters built.

    How would this affect boat weights for the water though. If required i could also fibreglass in the original hole in the bottom and mount a stern drive out the back and basically build a new transom.

    Or order a swim platform and make a plate or fibreglass the hole in the bottom. And mount an outboard on the back of it.

    I know the lower leg from these is actually a merc. Its the adapters (steering yolk, u-joint housing and u-joint) that is the issues on them. Also with any choice of new outboard to mount in original hole i relaize the engine will need to be internally balanced.