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    I recently received a 1979 with a 140hp mercruiser as a gift from a family member. Problem is, I know nothing about these boats and I was told all it needs to run is a "gaskit kit" and it's missing a few seats. Can anyone give me some information about the boat, will it comfortably pull a skier, good place to get parts...etc. if anyone is interested I'll post pics tomorrow, thanks for the help. By the way, what kind of baretta is it? I'm clueless

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    Re: New owner

    Welcome! Yes post pics.

    With old boats, you're best off starting with the motor. Once you get it running and determine its worthy, then you can go seat shopping.
    If the floor is soft and rotten, you may not want to go any further.

    Not sure what gasket kit...For the outdrive?

    That should pull a skier no problem. Mercruiser parts are very common.

    If you need further help with the motor and outdrivee, post your questions in the Merc I/O forum.
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