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  • Avon Year

    Just bought a R280 and guy didn't have title. The serial number reads ###19988#83#-#. Is it a 1983, 1988 OR 1998. It's never been in the water or the sun so it looks like it came right out the show room. Does anyone know of a site or a book where I can get the info?

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    Re: Avon Year

    I think it would be a 1983, although I don't know what all the ###'s are about. My serial number is just alphanumeric.
    My R 3.40 is a 1985 and the last 2 digits are "85" in the serial number.
    Mine was stored since new as well. Looked new when I got it this year.
    I sure have beat it up though.... tore my floor (be careful with those aluminum braces)....then my gas primer bulb's cheap plastic fitting leaked and took a bunch of varnish off the floorboards....Avon signs peeled off.... outer floor patch peeled off.