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steering cable

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  • steering cable

    I just bought a 1977 15' Tarpon with a 50 Hp Merc. The boat has been setting in the weed for the last 4 years. A friend of my son's thought he might fix it up, but lacked any ambition. The motor is clean and I'll get it running soon. However the steering cable is busted. How do I get it off of the steering wheel? I have ordered a seloc manual off of ebay, but am to impatiant to wait for it to get here.

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    Re: steering cable

    If it is like the one I just bought all you have to do is unscrew the large nut connecting the cable to the wheel assembly and it should come right off. I think we are in the same "boat" when it comes to what we have bought. I just purchased the same boat about two weeks ago, make sure you check the floor for rot. I am having to replace the entire floor and stringers because of a large hole in the fiberglass covering the plywood flooring.