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just bought a 1978 17' arrow glass cheetah

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  • just bought a 1978 17' arrow glass cheetah

    Just got this 1978 arrow glass cheetah 17 footer.

    It's an old boat but has potential. It's a 1978 17' arrow glass cheetah, It's in pretty good shape for it's age with the exception of the outdrive. Anyways, It has a GM/Mercruiser 165 HP inline 6 with a mercruiser outdrive.

    The prop spins freely whether it's in nuetral or forward/reverse & there is gear oil leaking out of the lower weep hole. I knew about this before I bought it, The seller tried to play dumb but I knew what was up. Anyways, I figure that either the gears or drive shaft is destroyed, or there may be a very small chance that the unit is stuck in nuetral & the seals are just bad. (not likely though) The shifter/throttle is currently stuck in forward all of the way. I will check out why tomorrow.

    I am hoping that one of the boat savvy folks on here could provide a little info. It's a 1978 boat with the 165 hp inline 6, what exactly would this outdrive be referred to as? I think it's a bravo but not sure? I would like to know exactly what it's referred to as & know what years will interchange?

    Since it's a 1978 boat & I got it for a very good price, at least I think so $300 bucks. I won't be looking to buy a rebuilt $1,800 unit! I will just keep an eye open for a good deal.

    Here's some of the stuff the boat has. It included a very nice well built trailer with the moon style wheels & flush mount style lights, this looks like it's worth the $300 bucks alone. The boat itself has a am/fm CD player with a pair of 6 1/2" speakers. Nothing fancy but it works. It has two halogen head/spot lights, all of the gadgets like the bildge pump & blower motor work. It also has two neat compartments under the front seats where cold drinks or maybe fish can be stored? I'm not sure. It also has a really neat steering wheel that looks to be either stainless or aluminum & teak wood.

    It needs some cleaning & refurbishing but it will get there!!! Anyways, thanks for listening to my ramble & thanks for any info that you can provide.

    Thanks, Rich

    Here are some pics, Please keep in mind that it's been sitting in the sellers back yard for a while, soon it will look much happier!

    1978 17' Arrow Glass Cheetah
    Mercruiser 165 hp inline 6
    Mercruiser 888 drive

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    Re: just bought a 1978 17' arrow glass cheetah

    I have a 1975 Cheetah, but it is an O/B, 115 Johnnie, the origianal engine.

    It is an honest old boat, solid, dry ride, stable.

    See our webpage http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Arrow_Glass_Boats/

    there are several cheetahs pictured and one is original.



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      Re: just bought a 1978 17' arrow glass cheetah

      I have a 76 Cheetah with the 165hp GM 250. Min has a Mercruiser outboard drive. You can find lower end outdrive rebuild kits on Ebay for pretty cheep. It's referred to as a 1st generation mercruiser and the Alpha is identical.