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Arkansas Traveler Comet -Day 1

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  • Arkansas Traveler Comet -Day 1

    Good day Gents and Gals,

    Well, I'm in!

    This is day 1 of my ownership of (what I think to be!) a 1969 Arkansas Traveler Comet with an Evinrude Big Twin 40 hp Selectric engine. Picked it up from my neighbor for a few hundred dollars and plan to do a full restore over the next year.

    It definitely needs some love, but from what I can see, the essentials are solid (frame and engine). Everything else needs to be changed! Lol!

    Trying to work out a plan to move forward. Will probably bring it in to the shop to have the engine worked over (oil, tune-up, carb, plugs, cables and impeller) as a first step. After that, lights, wiring, guages, clean, polish, refurbish the interior, new radio + speakers, new seats, windshield...and so on!

    Here's a pic of the old girl as she is now. Can't wait to get going on her. Will have to wait for the snow to melt first though...

    Updates soon!


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    Re: Arkansas Traveler Comet -Day 1

    Welcome to iboats Sport240. Cool toy you got there. She looks very speedy just sitting still. Good to see another Arkansas Traveler owner too. Good luck on the resto. Keep us posted. We love pics