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Yeah,today was tinkering day on the nineteen

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  • Yeah,today was tinkering day on the nineteen

    My rear seats were faded some so I fogged a little blue dye on them and coated them with SEM vinyl clear. I think it helped them. By just fogging them, I didn't lose the marbled look of the vinyl and it blended pretty good . I just did the cushions. Armrests are original.
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      My rear seats were faded some
      i hear that. being in the sun, their for sure the hardest to keep up. mine ain't spent yet, but i'm going on my 9th year of owning it, and i use it. so it's taking it's toll. great that ya were able to keep the marbeled look. man, were never gonna find any replacement nagahide with that look. and it's too cool of a look too. to bad for us there's no replacement. yer spray looks good. there's one other cat here that did that to his upulstry. he changed color too. went to yellow. look back through the treads, ya might find it. looked pretty good imho, never heard how it lasted, yer blue on blue seems like it'd last imho, beter than a color change anyways.
      yer really doing yer nineteen right man. it looks great. best of show here i'd say. she's sweet.
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